If you are interested in having your product reviewed and being featured on Nappy Hair Nation social media accounts and website we have a few guidelines you must follow. 

We are very protective of what products we endorse and would never accept compensation for advertising and recommending a product we have not tried. That being said, here are the guidelines we have put in place for product reviews:

 We will need the product\s you would like reviewed to be shipped to us. We will examine any claims that the product makes and test it on Sharon's hair. If Sharon feels the product meets or exceeds the claimed benefits we will move forward with a review and photo shoot. This is of no cost to you. However if the product does not work for Sharon, we will forward the product to some of the other naturals we work with. When we find one that would feel comfortable endorsing the product, we will proceed with a video review and photo shoot. Again this is of no cost to you.

Once we have determined that Sharon and the Nappy Hair Nation brand can fully endorse this product, we could discuss brand ambassadorship and/or compensation.  

If you would like to start the process, send an email to nappyhairnation@gmail.com