Detangling Natural Hair

See the video below to find out how I navigate through all this thickness!

See the video below to find out how I navigate through all this thickness!

It's WASH DAY and many Naturals dread the detangling phase of the process.  It can be so daunting! Especially if you don't have the right tools.  Here are a few tips on how to detangle tight, kinky, type 4 hair and make the detangling process much easier!

1) Detangle While Damp:  Natural hair should NEVER be detangled while dry.  This means if you have a roller-set, twist-out, braid-out or wash & go, you shouldn't go NEAR it with a comb while its dry. Personally, I separate my hair into 4 sections to wash and then I detangle while its wet. (See video below)

2) Use a Good Conditioner:  You can detangle with a conditioner that needs to be washed out OR use a leave-in conditioner.  I wouldn't recommend detangling your hair without some kind of conditioner on it, this will make your life MUCH easier and save your arms!

3) Use a Wide Tooth Comb: The wider the better. (See above photo)

4) Use a Detangling Comb:  This is especially useful if you are planning to blow dry your hair using a fine-tooth comb attachment.  Find detangling combs at the hair store in the comb section. These combs get out any kinks that the regular comb might have missed.

Detangling Comb

Detangling Comb

5) Sections:  The thicker your hair is, the more sections you'll need.  To detangle my hair, I separate it into about 12 small sections.  This makes it much easier for me to navigate the thickness and pinpoint any nasty, stubborn knots.  Once hair is sectioned, I begin the detangling process.


If you are experiencing annoying and frustrating single strand knots, try using a good leave-in conditioner directly on the knot and gently work it out with your fingers.  A solid leave-in (such as  Blue Roze Beauty's "Coco Rose Leave-In Conditioner" or Bee Mine "Lucious Balance Cream Moisturizer") will literally melt the knot away while you work it out with your hands.  Tip: For especially stubborn knots, saturate the knot with a good conditioner and let it sit there for 1-2 minutes before you begin to work it out.  The conditioner will help soften the knot, making it much easier to detangle!  If you are STILL experiencing an exhausting amount of knots after you've tried the above methods, the culprit is probably split ends.  I know scissors are very've worked so hard to get length and the LAST thing you want to do is cut it off!  However, if you let those bad ends stay, you'll get more knots and you will yank out the hair you've worked so hard to grow! Regular hair trims (learn to do them yourself) will make your hair much more manageable.  Clip those bad ends and you will more than likely have less knots!  

Detangling isn't the most fun part of a hair regimen, however, with the right tools, technique and know how, you can get it down to a science, cutting your wash day time in half (Detangling takes me 20 minute in case you were wondering)!  If you have any suggestions or questions leave a comment below.  Thanks for reading and happy detangling!