The Shrinkage Cure: Blowdrying!

Sick of shrinkage?  You want to show off your length, but every time you style it, you can't seem to attain that full look you've always dreamed of having. Here's the secret...blow drying your hair! There is a safe way to stretch out your kinks without causing any long term heat damage.  Here are some tips on how to safely do it:

1) Make sure your dryer has a cool setting and use it!  Blow drying your hair with cool air will save it from getting irreversible heat damage General rule: IF YOU CAN BLOW IT IN YOUR FACE, YOUR HAIR IS SAFE. Before allowing the blowdryer to touch your hair, blow it on your face.  If it's comfortable, cool (and won't melt your face off) then your hair won't be damaged.  NEVER use the hottest setting! Stick with Cool. 

2) Do not blow dry hair stick straight.  Stretching doesn't mean straightening.  Blow dry only until hair is stretched enough to give you more length.  If you're not wearing it straight, don't blow dry it straight.

3) Make sure hair is wet and protected.  Making sure hair is covered with a protectant will keep your hair from getting damaged. (See my YT video for a list of good heat protectants)

4) Use small sections.  Blowdrying your hair on the cool setting takes longer.  Save time (and your arms) by using small sections.  The smaller the section, the faster it will dry.

5) Use a good comb attachment.  Invest in a solid dryer comb attachment so that your kinky hair won't break your attachment or the attachment won't rip your hair out (waisting money & hair!).  In the video below, I glued mine onto my dryer and it worked (a cheap way)! I have since invested in a higher quality dryer and comb attachment which was money well spent!

6) Before you do ANY blow drying with a comb attachment, DETANGLE YOUR HAIR!  This is VERY important!  If your hair is combed out and detangled properly, drying it with the attachment should be a cinch.  If your hair isn't detangled properly, you might rip out some hair which is counterproductive.

If you have been growing your hair out for a few years and you're tired of not getting the lift and poof that you want, try these tips.  See my You Tube video and watch how I blow dry my hair.  Be careful, use your hairdryer sparingly and smartly.