Natural Hair on stage Jessie Wagner: how her employers respond to her hair

This part of the interview was very special to me.  Especially heartwarming was how Jessie describes her current boss's reaction to her wanting to switch things up (as most of us ladies do when we get bored) and wear braids or other protective styles.  Finding an employer who understands, respects and appreciates your need to be uniquely YOU (and to explore what that is) is in invaluable.  Bravo to Lenny Kravitz, Kid Rock and Duran Duran for allowing their background singers the freedom to explore and be themselves while sharing the stage!  We hope more employers in every field take a page from this book of acceptance.  If you or someone you know is experiencing negative feedback from an employer regarding Natural hair, DO NOT change it or be discouraged! When one door closes another may open. One that could lead you to a place you've never dreamed you'd be.  Do not allow ANYONE to make you feel you aren't good enough because of the hair you've been given.  A lost job due to your Natural hair is a loss on THEIR part...NOT yours.  Be yourself, embrace who you are and what you've been given then watch as things fall into place.  A very special thank you to Jessie for demonstrating how far you can go when you follow that path of accepting and embracing who you are!  Bravo!