Mother and Daughter Natural Hair Tea Affair

So here are the pictures of the amazing mothers and daughters that came out to support this event!  One of my favorite things about this beautiful group of women was that, without exception, all the mom's hair was a different texture from their daughter's hair.  This was one of the reasons I decided to have this event.  To empower moms (thus empowering daughters) with products to help encourage, embrace and ultimately love the hair their daughters have been born with.  All of the moms were so open, honest and appreciative of the products that were sent!  I also love how, although many of the daughters aren't able to be around other curly girls in their daily lives very often, this event gave them a safe place to wear their curls out, a place where they fit in, blend in and were considered the "norm".  I cannot thank all of the mothers and daughters enough for coming to this event, ready to share, learn and ultimately be inspired to keep embracing your natural selves, your natural curls because they're gorgeous and so are you!