Why I chose to do a Mother/daughter event

I'm a wife of 13 years with no children of my own.  Do I want children? Someday. Right now I'm still working on me. That being said, I (almost daily) come in contact with young girls with textured, curly, wavy or kinky hair.  Their mothers watch me as I pass the aisles of the store.  Their ADORABLE daughters smile up at me.  I think to myself "I wonder what they're thinking?"  Many times moms will come out and tell me just what they're thinking: "We love your hair."  "What products do you use?" "How can I improve the over-all look of my daughter's natural hair?"  This happens so often that I feel obligated to help mothers and daughters find their place in the Natural hair community.  The next generation ALREADY has a head start on us due to the wonderful products available for all hair textures. The earlier in their lives moms can get them started, the better they will be able to care for their Natural Hair for the rest of their lives. The struggle many of us adults face of figuring out our curls, waves and kinks, can now be done when we're 13 or 14 instead of 43 or 44!  Imagine if you had the products available now (along with YouTube) when you were a teenager!!  By the time you were 21 your hair would be AMAZING!  At 14 I was roller setting my relaxed hair trying to figure out how to achieve more body!  Before that, my mom used a hot comb on my hair and it took FOREVER!  She never, however, made me feel this was a bad thing.  It was 'par for the course'...just a natural part of having thick, kinky hair.  She NEVER made me feel it was a negative thing.  It was always "you have so much beautiful hair!" "Whew! This is so much work, BUT I'm so glad you've been blessed with so much hair!" Thanks mom for always making me feel that, although it was, is and always will be a lot of work, my hair is a unique gift that should be treated as such.  I want all little girls to feel this way. To look in the mirror and honestly be able to say "I love my hair!" Here's hoping that this event will assist mothers in their quest to make that happen.  I hope you'll be able to join us!