Product Review: "The Wrap Life"

"The Wrap Life" provides you with everything you need to make a lovely head wrap.  Click on this picture to see their products.

"The Wrap Life" provides you with everything you need to make a lovely head wrap.  Click on this picture to see their products.

This Winter I've decided to buckle down and finally try a finished head wrap from a reputable company.  I've been using scarves for years, and frankly, I'm getting a bit bored.  I've also been letting my hair air dry more during the cold, winter months.  This means, there are times my hair needs to be kept in twists, sometimes still damp and I cannot allow my hair to keep me trapped indoors while it dries.  I have a life.  It's time to invest in some quality head wraps.  In checking the different companies that offer lovely designs, I decided to settle on "The Wrap Life".  The reason is, not only are their prices reasonable (most of their wraps range between $22-$27) but they have a wide assortment of colors, especially solids, which I find more versatile.  

Here's what happened when I ordered my wrap:  I placed my order on 12/21, a Wednesday.  The total came to $25 (including shipping) and I was given a confirmation through email and on Facebook Messenger.  Along with the Facebook confirmation, I was given the option of asking questions over Facebook Messenger.  The next day, 12/22, I received an email and Facebook alert that my order was on it's way!  By 12/24, Saturday, 3 days after placing my order, my wrap was delivered to my door.  Shocked at receiving my package so timely (especially considering the holiday season) I excitedly opened the nice package.  Inside was the wrap I ordered along with 2 square cards.  One, welcoming me to "A community of women expressing their personal style and creativity without compromise" and the other, directing me to their website which has tutorials.  This package reminds me of a 'Head Wraps for Dummies':  A step by step way to learn how to properly tie your new wrap. Bravo! Inspecting the quality of the wrap, I was very pleased.  No surprises.  The color matched exactly as was advertised on their website.  The material is a great quality and feels comfy on my head (heavy enough to make a nice design, but light enough not to smash my curls!).  They even have wash instructions for proper care of your wrap (dryer safe to my delight).  I took the time to watch some of the tutorials and they were short, to the point and clear.  I have zero complaints.  

I will always wear my trusted scarves, however, investing in a some quality head wraps is also a wise choice for several reasons:

1) When you're having a bad hair day and need to cover your ENTIRE head, these wraps will give you the coverage you need...with flair...flair that would take an ordinary scarf too much work to achieve!

2) Because the wrap is so long, style options are endless!

3) Yes, you can go out,  buy your own fabric...but then you have to finish the edges on your sewing machine.  By the time you put in the time, energy and money to accomplish that, at best, you will have evened out on money, but not on time and energy.  

Learning to wrap your hair just the way you like it takes some practice.  The Wrap Life has made that experience less fact there's no pain at all!  Order online, watch their tutorials, practice in the mirror.  I feel that this was $25 well spent!  Definitely worth your time and investment!