5 Reasons Wraps Make Great Protective Styles

"Orchid" Head wrap from "The Wrap Life" click the picture to visit their website.

"Orchid" Head wrap from "The Wrap Life" click the picture to visit their website.

Cold weather is here.  Colder air means dryer hair.  In order to combat these dry conditions, we must adjust our hair care regimens accordingly. Some opt for braids, others chose wigs, but many use scarfs and head wraps to keep hair protected and here are 5 reasons why:

1) Better Scalp Care:  Wearing wraps and scarves allows you to have free access to your scalp.  Coming home after a long days work, you can take off your head wrap and massage your scalp with soothings oils.  This promotes growth as well as keeps a healthier scalp, combating a flaky, itchy alternative (which causes the "weave-pat").  See the short video below on what oils I use for healthy scalp maintenance.  

2) Product Testing: Sometimes we'd like to try a new product on our hair but aren't sure what the results will be.  This is where scarves and wraps help tremendously.  Try out the product on your hair, wrap it during the day, and come home to see how your hair has responded to the trial.  

3) Testing Styles: Knowing that you can easily cover up a bad twist-out, braid-out or roller set will give you the courage to try new styles without the risk of a bad hair day.  When you have a wrap to wear, you can have your hair rolled or twisted all day long.  Come home and see how you did. Where did you go wrong?  Should your rollers be smaller or larger?  Do you need to use smaller or bigger sections.  Keep practicing underneath your head wrap until you get it just right. 

4) Deep Conditioning: Harsher weather means hair needs deep conditioning and more attention. Apply an intense deep conditioner, put on a shower cap and wrap it with a scarf or head wrap...no one will ever know.  You'll be looking cute while your hair is getting the nourishment it needs!

5) Practice Makes Perfect: All of your Natural hair heroes who have fabulous hair got it that way by trial and error.  You don't go back to Natural and instantly know what products work for your hair and what styles are the best.  It takes time and practice.  This can only be done with a HANDS ON method, not by keeping hair hidden under tracks, and braids.  The more hands-on practice you have with your hair, the better it will look as it starts to grow.  Growth is useless unless you learn how to properly care for your hair.  Keep practicing, trying new styles, new products, new techniques until you learn how to properly and skillfully care for and love your hair.