Sleeping With an Afro


One of the most frequently asked questions I get (after is that all your hair and how do you curl it) is "how do you sleep at night?"  My answer for years has been the same..."I wrap a satin scarf around my pillow".  That is the truth, as boring as it may sound.  However, as the years roll on and dryer weather approaches, I find myself getting some breakage on the sides of my hair!  Since an important part of hair growth is maintaining the hair you have, I feel its important to share with you all my new approach.  I have always said a satin pillowcase is good enough, but now I feel the need to revamp my approach and make an announcement: I've decided, for the first time ever, to try the famous SATIN CAP (pictured above).  I went to my local Asian hair store and found the "Super Jumbo" size and shockingly it fit! It felt strange having my entire Afro covered for the first time going to bed (when I'm taking a shower I just use a plastic shopping bag!)  Surprisingly, the cap stayed on through the night, and pretty much didn't budge.  The elastic band wasn't too restrictive (as long as I didn't wear it behind my ear but COVERING my ear, I also wore it closer to my eyebrows for comfort). In the morning, I took it off and definitely noticed my hair (although slightly smashed) felt softer and was visibly less frizzy and matted.  It also didn't ruin my curls.  For $2.99 I recommend trying this as a protective sleeping method.  If you're having a hard time growing your hair out, experiencing some slight breakage, or are concerned about what winter heaters will do to your hair, try the satin cap as an extra precaution to protect your precious strands.  The more protection we give our hair, the longer and fuller it will grow...try adding this step to other hair growth methods (vitamins, messaging your scalp, drinking water, etc.) and hopefully this will help you continue on the path to thicker, fuller hair!