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Hi. Meet my Fro! It's been natural twice. Once in 2002 (before YT videos for naturals) on my own & clueless! The products we have now weren't available yet & I panicked after attaining a huge fro & relaxed it for my wedding. The 2nd & final attempt came in 2009 when I witnessed a gorgeous Natural in the streets of Paris. By this time products were in bigger supply & there was now a category for different hair types which made finding the right techniques & styles more personal. I've never looked back!  I've since learned I have type 4 hair (tightly coiled without defined curls) & my hair grows straight up without hanging. It prefers to be up, full and Frolicious!  If you have gone back to Natural & feel overwhelmed I'm here to help guide you. YouTube, hair expos, books, products, tips and whatever else is needed to keep you on the right path to healthy, gorgeous hair that is all yours!!  Welcome to the NHN!!


People always ask me what products I use.  I am not a “Product Junkie” and I like to save money and stick with what works!  Here is a list of what I use and what I use each product for.  I am sure there are other great products out there and I am always finding new products to add to my list so check back periodically to see if this list has changed.

Wash Day Essentials:

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Shampoo $10
Frequency of use: 1-2 times a month on wash day only

(I also like their Manuka Honey Intensive Hydration Shampoo if I’m having any scalp irritation since Manuka Honey does wonders for the skin!)   
Available at: Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Rite Aid, CVS, Giant, Duane Reade and Bed Bath and Beyond (and almost anywhere you can find hair products!)

Bee Mine Bee-U-Ti-Ful Moiturizing Deep Conditioner $18.97
Frequency of use: 1-2 times a month on wash day only

I use this as my primary conditioner.  The longer I leave it on my hair, the better my hair feels.  I leave this on for 20-30 minutes with a shower cap on.  Then I wash it out and I’m done with my hair washing for the day.  It leaves my hair feeling soft and AMAZING! 
Available online at:

Blue Roze Beauty Coco Rose Leave-in Conditioner $14.99
Frequency of use: 1-2 times a month on wash day only

This is my ultimate favorite detangler and leave-in conditioner.  It smells fresh, detangles great and here’s the bonus: it keeps my curls fresh longer!  
Available online at:

Roller Set Essentials:

Lottabody Setting Lotion: 
Frequency of use: Any time I need to roll my hair

This purple liquid wonder keeps curls crisp and will last through humid temperatures and will never flake!  You can mix with water to make it last longer but I use straight with no mixer and my roller sets come out perfectly every time! 
Available at Walmart, Target, Sally’s Beauty Supply & most places that sell hair products.

Daily Maintenance Products

Pure Coconut Oil: $2-$4 (Depends on size)
Frequency of use: Daily

My hair loves Coconut oil and I use this oil usually first thing in the morning to revitalize my roller set. 
Available: Any place that sells hair products 

African Shea Butter $3-$6 (Depends on size)
Frequency of use: Daily

I use this on my scalp and hair daily.  This is a butter so it’s much thicker than Coconut Oil.  I use this on my hair to make it noticibly softer and more mangageble. 
Available: Natural food stores and Asian Hair stores

Blue Magic Coconut Oil $2-$3
Frequency of use: Daily

I use this product especially in humid climates to protect my roller sets from premature frizzing.  This has Petroleum oil in it which is terrible for your scalp, but great for curls in blocking moisture from ruining your roller sets.  
Available: Any place that sells hair products 

Since my profession keeps me so busy, it has become increasingly difficult to make time for NHN so I've decided to merge the 2!  Although I'm still committed to helping you on this Natural hair journey with hair videos, in addition, once a week, I'll be posting ASL interpreted music videos here.  This will be for your general enjoyment, but will also help me as I practice for whatever upcoming performance I'll be working on.  That brings me to what I do: For those of you who don't know, for over 10 years I have been a Professional ASL Interpreter with a special focus in Performance and Stage Interpreting.  I have done shows on the seas, and on land and enjoy every minute of it!  My job is extremely rewarding and can be down right magical.  I'd love to start sharing the magic with you all through these videos.  If you have any questions, feedback or special song requests please feel free to leave a comment below!  Enjoy and thanks so much for watching!! 

I chose this song since "hair boredom" is something many people have been complaining about lately.  It's something all of us deal with no matter what our hair type the past few years I'm certain I've seen literally every color known to man on someone's head! Pink, purple, green, blue, peach, yellow and even rainbow!  I get it, sometimes you need to look in the mirror and see something different.  Or even feel like someone different.  I'll try my best to make a hair video with ideas on how to mix things up a bit.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this awesome song about being bored and needing to brighten things up and live in living color.  

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How To Enter Our Mother Daughter Contest:

How To Enter Our Mother Daughter Contest:

My Unique Gift

When I came up with the idea of “I love my daughter’s hair”, I found myself wondering what is the motivation behind this?  As a child, I recall getting my hair straightened, while mom desperately tried to detangle it with inferior products.  Mom’s hair was always very short, while mine was dense, very thick and long.  We had one or two products to help, nothing like what we have today.  There was no YouTube, Instagram, Facebook…the natural hair community wasn’t the growing entity it has become.  Looking back, I applaud my mother for using a straightening comb instead of a straightening chemical in those days.  She NEVER made me feel my hair was a “problem”, instead it was seen as my special gift.  A gift she wished she had been given.  This gift, she taught me, should be taken special care of.  My gift would be something we would navigate through together.  We’d laugh, argue, bicker, shed tears while navigating through this gift, but we always ended up smiling and embracing when it was all over.  I can honestly say, because of her positivity, I have never hated or disliked my hair.  If my mother had a more negative tone while doing my hair, it’s very possible I could have.  Now that I’m a grown woman and am constantly approached by mothers navigating their daughter’s kinks and curls, I am reminded of how difficult this process is.  As a daughter, I also realize how strong a mother's influence is on her daughter’s outlook on her hair.  My intent is to motivate moms to go the extra mile.  Helping their daughters to love her special gift, just the way it is.  When mom says “I love your hair”, daughters believe this reinforcement and it combats negative comments or feelings they might be experiencing internally or externally.  I hope all mothers can pass on to their daughters pride in their hair, the unique gift they’ve been given, no matter it’s texture, color or length.  Help me by sharing your mother/daughter hair stories.  Send me a picture of you and your mom or you and your daughter and tell me what lessons you’ve learned or are inspired to teach her.  You will be entered to win free products from Cantu, but more importantly, you will be inspiring a community of women to help their daughters embrace and love their hair, the unique gift they’ve been given.